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Baristas Espresso Machine

Changing the cleaning world

Our Story

“Ohh no, again using the same cloth to clean tables, the bar and the steam wand in the espresso machine. Does s/he think that now is clean?”


This is the thought the Wanda Clean team has every time we visit a coffee shop…


Our goal is to teach people that using the same cloth to clean around the coffee shop is only a way of spreading germs and not cleaning.


We want to provide tools that help coffee shops to have clean and sanitized spaces that make people feel safe and comfortable.

What we do

Our Products

Kill 99.9% of germs

Cleanser with a natural and green formula that kills all the germs that have the steam wand.

Cleans and Sanitizes

Warm different types of milk and vegetable drinks without contamination.​

Eco, fast and easy

With just 2 pumps of product at the beginning of the day, you will be able to clean the steam wand 10-12 times.

We want to help you and your businesss

We are driven by your needs